Saturday, November 5, 2011

HD or Full HD?What to Buy?Need to Know Buying Advice before you Buy

Today most TV's and Monitors offer support for HD Content.HDTV has become common and offers wide range of functionality including smart applications  and 3D Support.HD Ready Display comes in two variants
  • HD(720p)
  • FullHD(1080p)

 At leastsome of us are confused by this specifications and has difficulty in deciding what to buy.
Full HDTV(1080P) Cost more than a HDTV(720p).So before you buy there are some things you need to know
  • What is the difference between HD and FullHD?
       HD Ready Displays offer a Native Resolution of 1366x768 pixels while a Full HD TV offers     
       1920x1080 pixels native resolution.Native Resolution is the Original or the Normal Resolution
       at which the display device is configured to display images.Images needs to be down scaled or
       upscaled if it is not matching the native resolution of the Display.
       So HD Display can display up to a Resolution of 1366x768 pixels while Full HD  can display
       images of resolution up to 1920x1080 pixels.Smaller or Larger or smaller images are Unscaled \
       or Down scaled as Necessary.  
  •  What is the Relation Between Screen Size and Capability to Display HD or Full HD Content?
          There is no need to buy a Full HD Display/HDTV if you are Buying a television of screen size
          less than 42 Inches.You will not be able to observe any difference between HD or Full HD
          Content on a Smaller screen like a 32 inch TV.So there is no point in buying a Full HD Display
          if you are looking for a Screen size less than 42-50 Inches.

 So,if you are Planning to buy a HDTV or Display.Please Make sure that you only go for Full HD if you  are looking for a screen size of at least 42 inches.

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