Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to Remove Win 32 Sality Virus Easily using a Simple Utility called SalityKiller

Win32.Sality is a common virus that infects Windows Executable(.exe) files.The exe files that are Infected need not be deleted it can be repaired/healed by using a simple tool called sality killer provided by kaspersky labs.The virus itself has several versions Win32.Sality.aa,,, respectively.Sality Killer can remove/disinfect all variants of win32 sality.

Here are the Steps to Disinfect or Remove Win32.Sality Infections from your Computer

1)Download the tool SalityKiller from

2)Extract the archive to any location.

3)Run the program SalityKiller.exe

4)Wait for it to stop the virus threads and remove all Infections from the System.Done!

5)Restart the System, if required run a Full System Scan using any antivirus tool of your choice with updated virus definitions.

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