Friday, October 7, 2011

Using DotNetZip to Compress all the Files in a Folder in C#

The inbuilt Compression class GzipStream class(System.IO.Compression) for C# does not provide the ability to compress all the files within a folder.You can do this by just few lines of code and just forgetting the techinical aspects behind it by using DotNetZip(Ioniczip).DotNetZip is a free class library that can be used for creating and editing zip files.

The project is Hosted at CodePlex check out
To use DotNetZip Library in your C# Project follow these steps
  • Download the latest release from
  • Add a Reference to DotNetZip from your project by going to Project> Add Reference .Browse for Ionic.Zip.dll in the release that you have downloaded.
  • Then add the reference in your project by adding the statement 'using Ionic.Zip'
  • Then use the code given below to create a zip file from a folder
 using (ZipFile zip = new ZipFile())  

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