Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Run Dave in Windows 7 64 Bit Version Using DOSBOX

If you are a Windows 7 64 bit version user you wont be able to play or run Good Old Games Like Dave that you enjoyed playing when you where a Kid.This Tutorial will teach you how to run Dave ,one of best classic Dos game in Windows 7 64 Bit Version

    • A console window will open up. Type in the following commands by referring the details given below .Type a Line of Command ,Hit Enter and type next press Enter the Next and So On.      

                  mount c d:\
               cd dave
** Here "c" refers to a virtual drive you can specify any alphabet you like.
** "d:\ " Refers to the drive which contains the dave game folder e:d:\dave
** "cd dave " command is used to change the active directory to the folder named dave(folder that contains the game) which contains dave.exe and other files if you have changed the original name of this folder use that name instead of 'dave' in this command.
**'dave' refers to launching the Executable file(.exe) 'dave.exe'  
Step1: Type in mount c d:\

Step 2:Type in c: and rest of the commands specified

On typing dave you will be greeted with a window with dave running in it.
  •  All Done. There is a quick way to launch the game by avoiding the need to type in these commands every time you Launch the Game,I will share it if you respond to this Post by just Commenting on it.
  • For the Video Tutorial  please see

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